We will organize supplemental activities to the educational program. These activities will be conducted mainly on the weekends and will include a variety of fun and educational experiences. Some of the activities will be in-house using local facilities, while others will be field trips that require travel. Some examples are:
  • Information Session/Workshops: students will have a chance to hear from the SFSU admission office on how to write a college application and personal statements.
  • Events with other SFSU students: we will invite SFSU students to interact with our students at organized events like ice cream parties. The itinerary is subject to change every summer.
  • Weekend excursions: we will arrange weekend field trips to Stanford University, UC Berkeley, downtown San Francisco, Fisherman's Wharf, art museums, Lombard Street, and more. The itinerary is subject to change every summer.
  • Daily supervision: Our staff will do roll-call every single night from 9:00 - 09:30 PM.
  • Chaperones management/Emergency Contact: All the activities will be chaperoned by a minimum of one staff member. We also have emergency contact staff available at all times and Residence Advisors (RAs) living in the same dormitory with the students in case there is an emergency.